January 1, 2014

Doug Kass thanks Jim Cramer

Since I started writing for Jim Cramer, we have not only dealt with the market's ups and downs, but we have shared some of life's experiences together.

I have defended Jimmy. I have agreed and disagreed with him, all the while with maximum respect for Jim as a businessman, an investor, a friend, an author, a media figure and, most importantly, as a dad.

Jim has a new book out this month: Get Rich Carefully!, and I know he is especially excited about it.

Over the past few years, the man who doesn't want to make friends, but does want to make you money, has introduced the words "skeedaddy" and "booyah" and made them part of the investment world's vernacular. He has graced the cover of national magazines and has become an iconic figure. As such, he stands out, night after night, with non-stop enthusiasm and hard work , giving his best shot in dispensing advice in a reasoned and well-researched manner.

Being such a public persona with strong opinions, he is often the target of criticism (especially on Twitter these days). I admire his work ethic and the way he accepts mostly undeserved criticism like a man and the manner in which he fights back with facts and figures, with such an immense and rich reservoir of financial history and knowledge.

I have learned to appreciate Jim as an investment professional and, more importantly, as a man and as a dad. His drive for perfection has resulted in huge sacrifices. But you wouldn't know it because he doesn't say it. Jim could easily be reaping the benefits of managing a multibillion-dollar hedge fund today, earning an annual income of tens of millions (if not more). Instead, he strives to educate the individual investor.

How many of us would choose the route that Jim has unselfishly traveled?

via: http://www.thestreet.com/story/12174558/1/kass-jim-cramers-pool.html