March 31, 2014

Doug Kass vs Larry Kudlow & CNBC

Sir Larry Kudlow's retirement from "The Kudlow Report" and the actions taken by CNBC to deny my appearance on his last show, however, have precipitated the writing of today's opening missive.

Having had a close personal and business relationship with Larry and having appeared so many times on "The Kudlow Report" over the years (particularly leading up to and during the crisis in 2006-2009), I offered to appear on Larry's last show, as I wanted to pay tribute to his years of contributions on CNBC.

Larry was enthusiastic to have me on but I have been informed that CNBC's upper management has pushed back and does not want me to appear on Larry's final show.

To be sure, the absence of my appearances on CNBC over the past six months is not the end of the world for CNBC nor for me.

CNBC will continue to thrive as the most important business television network extant, and I certainly have numerous public media platforms in which I regularly appear or am quoted.

This morning I am reaching out to CNBC to put my comments in the New York Post in the proper perspective, to discontinue the Dougie Kass CNBC embargo and to reconsider its decision not to invite me onto Larry's final show.

It would give me great pleasure in honoring a great American and good friend this week on CNBC.

As I have written today, respectful disagreement should be encouraged not discouraged.

Invite me on CNBC based on the merits of my analysis, the originality of my views and my ability to communicate an opinion clearly and succinctly. 

The olive branch has been offered to CNBC.