July 15, 2015

China downturn will affect US markets

I recently have written that is next to impossible for the U.S. to remain an "oasis of prosperity" in a period of tumult and chaos in financial assets and in economies.

There is no way that we will be insulated from Latin America, China, Russia and Europe's woes.

Of late, China is a clear trend of decelerating domestic economic growth, and the overt speculation in its stock market has taken center stage. I warned of this back in early June.

The first indication of a negative impact on the real economy from non-U.S. problems -- and it will be soon -- will be a ratcheting down in high-end residential real estate prices and activity in the U.S.

With a nearly 11-year supply and with 85% of the buyers being foreign, Miami, Florida, will likely be the eye of the real estate hurricane.

Real estate maven Mark Hanson recently has issued his own warning on the South Beach, Florida, housing market.

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