February 26, 2016

Carl Icahn and Greenlight Capital sold lot of their AAPL shares

Carl Icahn has often described his investment in Apple as a 'no brainer,' and the business media have spent perhaps hundreds of hours discussing his and other hedge funds' accumulation of Apple shares.

Business TV has devoted entire programs to the subject, highlighting interviews with Icahn and others. I'm sure the media hoopla that surrounded Icahn's Apple accumulation (not to mention his optimistic tweets on the subject) raised the animal spirits and influenced many investors to buy AAPL over the last few years.

[But] it's a bit bewildering that there's been nary a word or discussion so far about news that Icahn and Greenlight Capital recently disposed of a meaningful amount of their Apple shares. Indeed, nearly all the Apple-related discussion since Icahn's 13F filing disclosed the sale of 7 million AAPL shares has been about the U.S. government's attempts to unlock the San Bernardino killer's iPhone.