June 23, 2016

Tesla Model X test drive and review

I continue to be short Tesla (TSLA) , but I recently test-drove the electric-car manufacturer's new $83,000 Model X.

Model S and Model X (on the right)

Here are my thoughts about the car:

- For all of the Elon Musk/Tesla hype, the Model X's design is awful. It looks like a glorified Toyota Prius.

- The rear doors lift up rather than out (think of Doc Brown's DeLorean in Back to the Future). However, they're problematic and buggy. A friend of mine got stuck in the car during a rain storm. The sensors kept misfiring and the doors wouldn't open.

- The Model X lacks the average SUV's capacity. The rear seats don't fold down; you can't lay them flat to get more cargo space.

- Two friends who bought Model Xs now have regrets.

- On the plus side, the car does drive well.

Position: Short TSLA