September 5, 2016

Some predictable things

Some things are just so predictable:

-    The business media will inundate us with hours of "analysis" of Mylan (MYL) this week. Yet, though time-consumptive, the dialogue on Mylan will not likely be particularly revealing. (Thirty minutes would have sufficed).

-    I will remain bearish.

-    Wharton's Dr. Jeremy Siegel will remain bullish.

-    The faith in the Fed will continue to erode. Even the cheerleaders are losing confidence in our central bank.

-    Buyers live higher, sellers live lower in an investment backdrop dominated by volatility trending and risk parity strategies and by other quant strategies that chase price.

-    Market volume will dry up in the last two weeks of August.

-    Market volatility will continue to drift lower.

-    Investors will become ever more complacent.

-    And, most importantly, Olympian Ryan Lochte will be seen on this fall's "Dancing With the Stars." That was quite predictable!