February 8, 2017

full time trader vs part time trader

As I like to write, the only certainty is the lack of certainty. And I can't remember a point in time when I wasn't long some stocks--despite how negative I might be! (Right now I am quite negative on the markets)

But, I run a hedge fund (24/7) and I am trying to realize absolute returns for aggressive and wealthy investors with a shorter time frame than you should be looking at--of between six months to 18 months.

You likely have a job, and you are probably an investor on a part-time basis.

I am a full time investor/trader, a different animal than your personal account, IRA or 401(k).

I am quick on my feet and make swift decisions. I am nearly always in front of my turret and I understand the risks inherent with short selling (reward vs. risk is asymmetric!).

I have been doing this, day after day, for four decades.

And I attempt to utilize tight risk-control management to avoid mistakes when I am wrong in view. 

Consider these factors and conditions when you read my Diary and Jim's thoughtful and instructive words.