April 10, 2017

Donald Trumps approval ratings dropped to 35%

Donald Trump recently launched cruise missiles directly at a sovereign nation Syria governed by Assad. The excuse for the Trump's missile attacks were for Assad's alleged chemical bombing of its citizens.

Also according to a recent poll Donald Trump's presidential approval rating has dropped to 35% which brings him among the lowest in presidential approval ratings. Along with the low approval number the Trump has not been able to have any significant legislative wins, with the failure of the Republicans to defeat Obamacare.

According to Doug Kass, further low approvals for Trump could mean it would mean other nations would be less willing to collaborate with the United States.

Doug Kass questions of Donald Trump
"Remember when the big argument in favor of President Trump was that he was a dealmaker who knew how to get things done? That was when he was doing real estate deals. Now he has to deal with 535 other politically partisan legislators in Congress on their own real estate turf."

On Healthcare and Trump-Care
"Does the administration have the depth of experience, understand the extent of the legwork and organization required for passing legislation or have a coherent idea or shared vision of what it wants to achieve and what problems it means to solve?" 

Failure on the healthcare bill could mean failure on the proposed tax reform and stimulus
"If President Trump can't easily put through a health-care package, what does that mean for more difficult regulatory reforms and his tax- and fiscal-policy agenda?"

Finally Kass wonders if Trumps pro-business proposed policies might benefit the Rich and Wealthy the most.
"Is a pro-business and anti-domestic programs (in education, the arts, etc.) agenda going to benefit those in the lower and middle class (largely his base) who have suffered the most over the last decade?"

And finally Doug Kass does clarify that his statements are not a political statement and it is simply his view on Trump, his policies and how it may affect the market.