April 3, 2017

Rising rates threaten European banks including DB

The market and the media such as CNBC constantly bombard us - the general retail investors with self confident Buy and Sell recommendations. Doug Kass reminds us of the past when everyone seemed so confident of buying German bank - Deutsche Bank and had buy recommendations.

Kass writes that those making Buy recommendations have moved to other things and his concerns for the European financial system. 
While many bury their heads in the sand, the European banking system in general--especially on the periphery--and Deutsche Bank in particular remains as meaningful problems and sources of weakness.
Kass also writes about his dis-trust of European stocks. Do you still want to buy European stocks ? 
Enthusiasm for European equities may be misplaced, and a pox on those who don't admit that the transmission of credit remains a problem over there in the face of a wobbly banking system, much of which is on life support.