July 17, 2017

Peak Amazon ?

The FAANG stocks have been on a long bullish run. But Doug Kass thinks Amazon might be a Sell instead of a Buy. One of the reasons is due to future potential impact from US antitrust law.

"I am shorting Amazon today because I have learned that there are currently early discussions and due diligence being considered in the legislative chambers in Washington, D.C., with regard to possible antitrust opposition to Amazon's business practices, pricing strategy and expansion announcements already made.
If I am correct, word of this could lower Amazon's shares by 10% overnight. And if expansion or pricing prohibitions are attacked for antitrust reasons (or for other reasons), a far more severe market impact is possible."

via www.thestreet.com/story/14227207/1/why-short-amazon-a-possible-bipartisan-antitrust-threat-says-doug-kass.html