December 4, 2017

Shorting the S&P500 futures

"In my personal account shorting S&P futures now in size 2,659.50. Pray for me. And mark your calendars: 9PM 12/3/2017. The last time I personally shorted S&P futures was in August 2007."

"I continue to pound home that each day that goes by we get closer to a much wider monetary tightening next year -- $420 billion to be sucked out by the Fed and about $500 billion less in the way of buying from the European Central Bank. I would note for timing purposes that one trillion of reduced liquidity in 2018 is beginning in just four weeks."

"Investors, both passive and active, remain conditioned to buying every dip no matter how slight in a sprint to this year's finish line as the global volatility short bubble continues to grow."

via twitter, realclearmarkets