January 1, 2018

15 Surprises for 2018

Surprise #1: President Trump's Behavior Finally Does Matter

Surprise #2: Politics is Upended in 2018. As the U.S. Electorate Pushes Left in Mid-Term Elections
The tax cut for the rich is election manna for the Democrats.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, recognizing the need for party change, resigns.

Surprise #3: The Tax Bill Fails to Buoy S&P Earnings Anywhere Near Expectations of 7% to 10% Incremental Growth

Surprise #4: The Cryptocurrency Bubble Pops and Gold Makes New All-Time Highs

Surprise #5: The S&P Index Roars Into the 2017 Close and Makes a 2018 High on Jan. 2, 2018
Equities steadily decline in 2018.
Dip buying is not rewarded, but shorting the rips is rewarded next year.

Surprise #6: A Congressional Subcommittee Meeting Called by Sen. Dianne Feinstein Leads to a Regulatory Attack on Google and Facebook That Slows Their Expansion Plans and Market Share Gains

Surprise #7: Stagflation Emerges in the Last Half of 2018 and the Fed Tightens Four Times. Japan and Europe begin seeing the inflation that the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and ECB desperately want.

Surprise #8: The 2020 Presidential Front Runners Are Mike Pence and Howard Schultz, but Many Shadows Remain

Surprise #9: Volatility Spikes, Causing a Major Flash Crash

Surprise #10: The Athens Stock Market Is the Best International Performer in 2018

Surprise #11: Company Share Buybacks Drop Dramatically

Surprise #12: European Bonds Sour

Surprise #13: Twitter Is Acquired

Surprise #14: Berkshire Hathaway Makes a $75 Billion Acquisition in Early 2018

Surprise #15: Tesla Stalls Out

via zerohedge