January 4, 2019

Doug Kass increases long bets

The recent stock market declines has Doug Kass interested in being long instead of short.

Some Portfolio Adjustments In the Last Few Days* I have sized up a number of individual longs during the market's recent weakness. 
I have moved from medium sized to large sized in the following longs: $GS, $CBS, $HIG, $SQ and $TWTR. 

I have moved from small sized to medium sized in the following longs: $AMZN and $GOOGL. 
I currently have zero shorts (either in the Indices or individual stocks).  

It should be clear after the last two decades of writing my Diary on Real Money Pro that I do not resemble a Perma Bear. I am, rather, a contrarian who bases his stock selection on fundamental grounds and who buys when others are fearful and shorts when others are greedy.  I continue to try to do so with analysis and full transparency.  

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