July 11, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Situation

Doug Kass lays out his views on the Jeffrey Epstein case on twitter...

Everyone 'knows' Jeff Epstein - but do they really know him?
As an example, not one person seems to understand how Jeff Epstein made all his money. From a teacher at The Dalton School, to a limited role at Bear Stearns, to a benefactor at Harvard....

It is my view that the Epstein affair has the potential of roiling American industry and politics as well as Wall Street. Palm Beach, Florida is actually a very small town and word gets around quickly.

As a resident of Palm Beach - where Epstein resided - I believe I have some understanding of the depth of his relationships and his financial modus operandi.

I had a similar familiarity of investors (and other details) of the Bernie Madoff scheme - for some of the same reasons (locale and my social relationships).

The nature of Epstein's deeds (that he was jailed for) is heinous and I don't plan to discuss this any further. But there will likely be broad and unpleasant reverberations.

Some stocks and certainly some reputations may take large hits in the time ahead.