April 25, 2020

Doug Kass talks at the 2020 CFA markets forecast event

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Minute mark
@34:07 Questions begin

@34:53  Has the market structure changed so that some of the things we look at are not as valid as they used to be?

@38:44 Noise factors impacting technical analysis / validity of pattern recognition?

@42:43 Pattern Recognition

@44:08 Assault on Neoliberalism and the election year?

@52:17 Surveillance Capitalism and Apple

@59:34 Interest rates - where they're at, where we're going?

@1:06:02 Gold

@1:09:49 Generational Lows and Highs 

@1:11:32 Political Polarizations

@1:15:27 Is the US the best house in a bad neighborhood? 

@1:20:58 Real Estate 

@1:28:00 Digital Transformation

@1:30:58 Bloomberg and the 2020 election

@1:32:53 Emerging Markets?

@1:34:49 Doug's Predictions

@1:37:15 Closing Comments